DON'T FORGET Door Knob Reminder



You Won’t Forget Anything…Guaranteed

Do you have a tendency to forget where you placed things, or spend up to 15 minutes searching for your keys in the morning? Do you always have this nagging feeling that you might be forgetting something immediately after leaving the house, and when you hit the subway, it hits you that you forgot your office keys? Don’t you hate that? Monkey Business door organizer is here to see to it that it doesn’t happen again. With everything you need before you leave the house all in one place, the chances that you may forget anything are really thin.

You Simply Cannot Overlook It

We designed this door organizer to be as visually distracting as possible so you can never overlook it. It measures a foot long, half a foot wide, screaming bright red color, and bold DO NOT FORGET words. It most probably will be the last thing you see before you leave the house.

Here’s Why this is the Best Door Accessory

  • Has enough space to store all important items
  • It stands out. You can’t miss it.
  • Perfect for home, work or as a gift
  • Fits on any door handle
  • NEVER FORGET ANYTHING ANYMORE: The Monkey Business Doorknob Organizer allows you to store all sorts of things so you never have to forget them or waste valuable time searching for something when you are about to leave. You will never have that nagging feeling you might be forgetting something.
  • PERFECT FOR YOU TO ORGANISE IT ALL WITH EASE: This door organizer features 3 spacious pockets in the front, a strap at the back, and a key clip that lets you store keys, glasses, newspapers, phones, iPods and many more items that you may need when you are ready to leave.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME, WORK, OR AS A GIFT: The handiness of a door organizer isn’t restricted solely to homes. It makes for a handy door accessory at your workplace or on your travels too. Additionally, it makes a great gift idea to that special someone that keeps forgetting the little but important things.
  • YOU SIMPLY CAN’T OVERLOOK IT: The Monkey Business doorknob organizer comes in bright red and the "Do not forget!" text is emblazoned in white. This sturdy canvas organizer is also a foot long and a half-foot wide, thus effecting eliminating the chance that you may overlook it.
  • FITS ON ALL DOOR HANDLES: With the doorknob hole at 2 3/4" diameter, this do not forget door organizer is guaranteed to fit into any door handle. It’s all there to ensure you don’t leave anything important behind. 


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