Splash Coffee Table Bowl


Take a splash into modern luxury with this innovative water droplet bowl! A beautiful addition to any living room, the Splash Bowl offers exceptional aesthetics to your home. Place it anywhere for a variety of uses, from lighting up the center of a room, to holding fruit or jewelry.


High-density polymer with molded droplets Ideal for home decorating, coffee table centerpieces, decor

Made from polystyrene to be both durable and food safe

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe


Design Benefits

Designed to look like a splash of falling rain dropping to the ground, the Splash Bowl is eye-catching, arresting, and the highlight of any room. With a variety of bright colors, you can choose the perfect color accent to bring a splash of color to your home.

Durable, Engineered Design Made from polystyrene polymer, the Splash Bowl is durable, food safe, and BPA Free. This bowl will withstand most normal rough and tumble. Even more than its strong design, it cleans easily and offers a wonderful coffee table storage solution. It's glossy finish brings a highlight to any kitchen!


Ask a Question
  • Is this made of glass?

    Hi! No, this is actually made of a glossy polymer resin. It's durable and resistant, despite how it may look! 

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